Wine Club T&C's

The first rule of Wine Club is we do NOT talk about Wine Club. no, that's the other thing. 
We CAN talk about Wine Club but there are some rules.
What is Wine Club aside from awesome?
By joining us you will be committing to purchasing a 4-pack of Blind Corner curated wines twice a year for $99* delivered a pop.  That = $198 per year 
*NT, TAS, Rural QLD and Rural WA = $109 delivered
*Locals (Busso to Margs) = $89 pick-up plus other options
These wines are Organic, Estate grown/made/bottled and contain no toxic additives.  The current value is at least $145 without delivery.  Woah!
We will hit you up via email a week out from the card-charging day of the 1st of May and 1st of September.
You can cancel or skip anytime, we get it.  But please let us know via email before the dates above
Show me the money!
We have used many forms of wine club software in the past, geez it complicated (and pricey).  So we are staying away from credit cards for the wine club and using a direct debit system.  This is called GoCardless.
GoCardless will auto charge you on the dates above, being 1st May and 1st September.  You will be emailed beforehand.  That gives you time to skip or cancel.
If you are skint then it will try again in a couple of days.  After that we will contact you.  Otherwise after that it will probably all go South, and not in a holiday vibe way.
We have these cool custom 4-packs made up which we will dispatch once we have your sweet dollarydoos.  Perthonalities will be 5 days max shipping time and the rest if you mob could be up to 14 days depending on where you live.
Auspost may card you, not in a nightclub way but by leaving a card in your letterbox, fly-screen or dogs mouth.  You will have 2 weeks to pick up from your local post office or they send it back to us.  Then we will need more of your precious dollarydoos to get it back in your direction.
Communication is key:  If you are away we can hold, if you are away but near us then lets sort out a pick-up.  If it is something else then let's talk.
Okay so there are some spams coming your way
1st will be a quick thanks for signing up, that we have your deets and and reminder to sign up to GoCardless for payment if you didn't do it already.

2nd will be us letting you know the secret handshake for 20% off and confirming your legend status.

3rd could be any of, and not limited to the following:
Tracking deets, pre-warning of impending charges, general marketing, photos of Neko, special offers, bad recipes, dirty limericks, early access to events and random cool stuff.  Opt out of the weird stuff anytime.
Whenever you want.  Just email us.