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Six of our most popular Estate grown, hand-made Organic wines.

5 x 2023 Blanc

A classic dry white, with enough sweetness to give your taste buds something to dance around. 

Natural fermentation, no acid additons or fining used.  
Pressed to tank, French barriques and a concrete egg before being combined after malo.  A cold settle overnight before heading to wild ferment allows for the clearer juice to ferment, keeping the wine cleaner and fresher.
Ingredients: Grapes, sulphites.  

Let's face it, white wines aren't actually white, they are more pale yellow, green-ish and sometimes darker.  Blanc wine’s deeper straw tinge is a natural legacy of the grapes’ natural colour. We could make it lighter and brighter using a chemical addition...yeah nah. This is what you get when something relatively simple over delivers on pleasure. A juicy, racy, gluggable white with stone fruit and grassy notes that well delivers on its promise.

1 x 2023 Orange* in colour

This blend uses just about every variety of white/grey/gris we have - Sauv Blanc, Chenin, & Pinot Grigio. We start the ferment on skins for a few days and then press to stainless steel, seasoned oak and a concrete egg to finish the rolling wild ferment. The skins add tannin tang and a wonderful mouth texture to complement the freshness of the wines

The result is a cloudy, yellow/orange-coloured wine that tastes like rainbows and textured like sun.

0 x 2022 Rouge

This blend has been simply foot-crushed, hand-plunged during wild ferment and basket pressed to old oak for some sleepy time. Usually the Cabernet, Shiraz & Merlot are all from from our Quindalup vineyard but a low-yielding Shiraz block in 2022 lead us to a search for more top-notch organic Shiraz - luckily discovered just down the road. Add in a chocolate pudding and you might just get a ménage à quatre of taste that you're willing to sacrifice your first born for.

Some partnerships create a magic that could never be realised alone - bacon and eggs, surf and sunshine, Siegfried and Roy. Shiraz & Cabernet Sauvignon is another match that delivers something greater than the sum of its parts. Blend the rich upfront flavour and lingering aftertaste of Cabernet, with the silky softness consistency of Shiraz, add a splash of Merlot, and you have a Rouge of super delicious deliciousness.